Kid Jump Accessories

Mini gates, walls, brush box, poles, and printed graphics to accessorize you Kid Jumps! Pieces come fully assembled. Open the box and start jumping!

Standard Graphic Panels

Add a graphic panel to our 9-702N and 9-707N Kid Jump Standards. The graphic panels are specifically made for outdoor. UV-resistant vinyl, laminates, and ink guarantee a clear image that will last up to seven years under full UV exposure. The graphic is applied to a shatter-proof polycarbonate sheet, the same process used by commercial sign builders. Panels are sold in pairs and are interchangeable!

$49.00/pr Free shipping in contiguous US

  • Star Ponies Graphic Panel
    Star Ponies Graphic Panel

    9-611SP   $49/pr Buy

  • Colorful Horse Graphic Panel
    Colorful Horse Graphic Panel

    9-611CH   $49/pr Buy

  • Color Ponies graphic
    Color Ponies Graphic Panel

    9-611CP   $49/prBuy

  • Mini Color Spindle Gate
    Dream Pony Graphic Panel

    9-611DP $49/prBuy

  • Mini Color Spindle Gate
    Blue Horse Graphic Panel

    9-611BLU   $49/pr Buy

  • Mini Color Spindle Gate
    Floral Horse Graphic Panel

    9-611FH   $49/pr Buy

  • Horse Shoe Pony Graphic Panel
    Horse Shoe Pony Graphic Panel

    9-611HS   $49/pr Buy

  • Love Ponies Graphic Panel
    Love Ponies Graphic Panel

    9-611LP   $49/pr Buy

  • Halloween Graphic Panel
    Halloween Graphic Panel

    9-611Hallo   $49/pr Buy

  • Super Star Pony Graphic Panel
    Super Star Pony Graphic Panels

    9-611SS  $49/pr Buy

  • Super Star Pony Graphic Panel
    Pink Camo Graphic Panels

    9-611PC  $49/pr Buy

  • Super Star Pony Graphic Panel
    Green Camo Graphic Panels

    9-611GC  $49/pr Buy

  • Halloween Graphic Panel
    Zebra Graphic Panels

    9-611ZE   $49/pr Buy


Mini Gates

Four styles of Mini Gates complement our Kid Jump Standards. Made with 100% UV-resistant PVC. Gates come fully assembled. 48″L x 12″H.

Free shipping in contiguous US

  • Mini Picket Gate
    Mini Picket Gate

    9-530  $139 Buy

  • Mini Lattice Gate
    Mini Lattice Gate

    9-533   $139 Buy

  • Mini Two Tone Lattice Gate
    Mini Two-Tone Lattice Gate

    Colors: Blue, Black, Green, Red, Yellow  $139 Buy

  • Mini Picket Gate
    Mini Solid Gate

    9-539  $139 Buy

  • Mini Color Spindle Gate
    Mini Color Spindle Gate

    Colors: Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow Wall   $139 Buy

Graphic Panels for Mini Gate

Available in Zebra, Pink Camo, Green Camo, Red Brick, Butterflies, or Color Ponies. Gate not included.

Free shipping in contiguous US

    Mini Brush Box

    9-608 One-sided Graphic Panel $35

    9-608_2 Two-sided Graphic Panels $49


Mini Wall with Graphic Panels

A wonderful accent to your jump. Mini walls are 10″H x 42″W and available with two-sided graphics. Holes are drilled at the top to accommodate flowers.

Choose from Red Brick, Butterflies, Pink Camo, Green Camo, or Zebra graphics.

    Mini Brush Box

    9-710BF Mini Wall with Graphic Panels$134Buy

    9-710FL Mini Wall w/ Graphic Panels and Flowers $144 (add on in cart)

Pony Wall with Rock Finish

Our Pony Wall is constructed using UV-resistant PVC for safety and durability. One side is finished with our stone facade while the other side is finished with white UV-resistant PVC rails. Available in Flagstone, River Rock, or Ledgestone

Flagstone Facade
Ledgestone Facade


River Rock Facade

River Rock

Free shipping in contiguous US

    Mini Rock Wall

    9-534 Pony Wall Single
    18″ x 47.5″ $309 Buy

    9-535  Pony Wall Pair
    18″ x 10′ $529Buy

Mini Coop

The mini coop features snap-in rails on both sides. Two 6″ rails on one side and three 3″ rails on the other. The quick release design ensures safety and is easy to assemble and store.

Free shipping in contiguous US

    Mini Coop

    9-536 Mini Coop 10′ $299 Buy

    9-537 Mini Coop 47.5″ $199Buy

Mini Brush Box

The Mini Brush Box is 18″ tall and 45″ long. Made with a heavy wall UV-resistant PVC profile. Flowers not included.

Free shipping in contiguous US

    Mini Brush Box

    9-721 Mini Brush Box $179Buy

    Add 2 bags of flowers for $36

Mini Flower Box

A flower box is a simple way to add color to your jump! Built from PVC, with holes for flowers and finished with end caps.

Free shipping in contiguous US

    Mini Flower Box

    9-103 Mini Flower Box $59Buy

    9-103F Mini Flower Box w/ Flowers $79Buy

Silk Flowers

Add color and finish to your Kid Jump wall, brush box, or flower box with silk flowers! Each set contains eight bundles. Flowers are 13″ tall.

Flower varieties include: Sunflowers, Daisies, Carnations, Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Hibiscus, Floral Mix, Greens

$19.95/bag  See our Silk Flowers

Free shipping in contiguous US

Silk Flowers

Mini Jump Poles

Striped color poles available in black, green, blue, pink, red, yellow, and orange in 1″ x 48″ long. 1″ x 60″long in white only.

Free shipping in contiguous US

    Mini Jump Poles

    14-015.2 Two White Poles 1″ x 60″ $40/prBuy

    14-011.2 Two White Poles 1″ x 48″ $35/prBuy

    14-014S One Striped Pole 1″ x 48″ $29Buy

    14-014S.2 Two Striped Poles 1″ x 48″ $59/prBuy

Plastic Pony Jump Cups

Our lightweight plastic jump cups come with pins attached to the cup with soft, nylon cord, No sharp edges and no rusting!

Free shipping in contiguous US

    Mini Jump Cups

    15-014   Plastic Pony Jump Cups   $19.95/pr Buy


Grand National Award Set

Hold a kid jump horse show! Perfect for parties, sleep overs, or fundraiser activities. The package includes a set of 5 numbered arm bands, set of 1st - 5th place ribbons, and the Grand National Medal.

Free shipping in contiguous US

    Mini Jump Poles

    15-700 Grand National Award Set $45Buy